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Oilfield Rentals British Columbia

If you are looking for top of the line oilfield equipment rentals in British Columbia get in touch with Big Oil Rentals. We are a family owned and operated organisation committed to providing high standards of customer service. Our well maintained, clean and high quality oilfield rentals in British Columbia have made us one of the best in this field. As part of optimised client service we offer round the clock mobile call out support on all equipment including well site trailer and camp maintenance and servicing and installation of Bell and Shaw satellite systems.

Big Oil Rentals offers both support equipment and well site trailers and camps. In the first category we have Rig Matting, Grated Walkway Mats, Shale Bins, Flock Tanks, Wheeled Fire Extinguishers, Generators, Fire Suppression Units and tank, mat and pipe rack rentals in British Columbia. Our well site camp and trailer infrastructure has Medical and safety Units, Geologist Labs, Command Centres, Office Trailers, Wet sleepers, washroom facilities and oilfield accommodation and shack rentals in British Columbia.

All equipment rentals from us conform to the highest benchmarks of safety standards. It is our goal to even exceed safety norms laid down by top safety organisations like ISNetworld, COR and Complyworks. To achieve this, we carry out detailed and stringent periodically scheduled maintenance and inspection of equipment along with pre-trip and onsite safety assessments. This has made us industry leaders in the area of safety practices in oilfield equipment rentals in British Columbia.

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